Growing Recruitment Agencies


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Better marketing = more placements

Are you looking to step up your marketing? These plans are all proven to generate a huge ROI; grow your recruitment agency!

  • Social media posting
  • 1-2-1 Prospecting to 150 contacts per week
  • Automated follow-ups
  • 10 adverts; written and posted (with animated videos)
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  • Social media posting
  • 1 blog a month
  • 1 bi-annual whitepaper
  • 1 mailshot a month*
  • 1-2-1 Prospecting to 450 contacts per week
  • 20 adverts; written and posted (with animated videos)
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  • Social media posting
  • 2 blogs a month
  • 1 quarterly whitepaper
  • 2 mailshots a month*
  • 1-2-1 Prospecting to 750 contacts per week
  • 30 adverts; written and posted (with animated videos)
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What's included

You'll get the essential kit to help open up doors for recruitment agencies

Spec-out templates
These are proven email templates that work when opening-up doors to new (and existing) clients)
Populated diary
Using HubSpot technology, simply send invites out to clients and cut out the faff by arranging easier calls
Social media
A mix of industry news, quotes, adverts, blogs and more. Minimum of 2 social posts every weekday.
Follow-up emails
People might miss an email, but make sure you get their attention with automated follow-ups.
Graphic design
You'll get free designed templates on any CV/coversheets that you send out - stand out from other recruiters!
SEO-ready content
You're more likely to be at the top of search engines with proper-SEO ready content. Whether it's blogs or adverts - get to the top!